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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How to Use Baking Soda as Acne Treatment?

Acne leaves scars on your face that will just make you feel very inconvenient to participate in social gatherings. You might have tried many creams and herbs which are not very promising. Baking soda will not only work but is also a very inexpensive way to cure acne compared to those expensive creams.

You should know first how to use baking soda as an effective measure to treat acne:

  • Before the application of baking soda, it is essential to wash your face thoroughly to get rid of all the dirt and any make up.
  • Now, do not dry the face with a towel. Let it remain damp.
  • Take about three to four teaspoons of baking soda in your palm. Just add few drops of water. Make sure not to make it too watery. If the solution is very watery it will run down the face and will not work.
  • Now, apply the paste to the face. Let it dry for about a minute and wash the face.
Be cautious not to use baking soda for quite a long time. It will cause dryness of the skin. In some people with dry skin, the skin may appear dry even after applying baking soda for about a minute. This can be overcome by applying moisturizer to the face immediately after washing off the baking soda.

What is principle behind the working of baking soda?

Washing the face after application of baking soda causes the skin pores to open up. They open up the clogged skin pores by eliminating the top most skin layer that is filled with oily secretions, dead skin cells and dust. As a result it restricts bacterial growth and hence, helps to gain control over acne.

The benefit of using baking soda is that it is free of chemicals. Hence, it will not leave any unwanted side effects such as additional scars or dullness of skin texture and color which is commonly seen in case of commercial acne creams. It will not cause any irritation even upon regular use. An added benefit is that it gets rid of dead skin cells and thereby improves your skin tone.

It is suitable even for daily use. However, people with very sensitive skin should not use it on regular basis. It can cause skin irritation.

Lastly, some people say that long term use of baking soda causes pH imbalance of the skin. This in turn promotes bacterial growth, a major factor responsible for acne. No treatment works for each and every patient. The effectiveness of any treatment depends on the body condition and the extent of the disease. The same applies to acne and the use of baking soda to gain control over the acne. Test your skin initially, if you see an increase in acne or if you do not experience any positive results even after long term use of baking soda, discontinue using it and take the advice of a dermatologist to cope up with acne.

The faster you take action to control acne; the better would be the results of any acne treatment
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