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Saturday, December 22, 2012

5 Easy Steps to Get that Holidays Glow!

This holiday season, you can look and feel your best with few steps to your lifestyle and just a little bit of willpower. It is all about keeping the body balanced, hydrated and properly rested. With these easy steps, you can maintain a healthy glow, manage your figure, and have more energy and joy.

1. Hydrate

We have all heard the messages. Our bodies need water. During the holidays if you make this a priority it will help your energy levels, your appearance and your waistline. When you feel the urge to snack, ask yourself if maybe your hunger pans are actually due to dehydration.
Drink green tea. Studies suggest that the compounds in green tea called catechines appear to speed up the rate at which calories are burned. It is also loaded with antioxidants and isn’t as dehydrating as other caffeinated beverages.

2. Pick 3 System

The last word anyone wants to hear during the holidays is diet. Remember that any diet that recommends the elimination of one of the macronutrients- proteins, carbs or fats- is not a viable method of eating that can be sustained, nor does it have a foundation in health and wellness. In fact, radical and fad diets actually hinder future weight loss by slowing down the metabolism. So don’t diet, just be mindful.
For each meal, envision your plates divided into three sections: one third whole grains and vegetables; one third protein; and the other third fats such as nuts, seeds, avocado, olive oil, nut butters, butter. Whole fruits are always a top choice as a treat. Cut your alcoholic beverages with seltzer and eat something small before going to a party.

3. Daily Detoxification

If we can keep the body eliminating our excesses we’ll feel and look out best. Time now to stock up on Brassica family vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage), high fiber cereals and bars, as well as acidophilus-rich yogurt, plus water and herbal teas.

4. Rest and Reflect

It seems there is never enough time in the run up to the holidays. Sometimes we need to know when enough is enough. Adequate rest gives the body a chance to properly digest and heal. Keeping stress in check is one of the best beauty secrets out there.
Take time for you. You know what you like to do in your “down time”. Whether it is reading, doing cross-words or taking a bath, gather any supplies you will need now and schedule in the time for you. Your body will thank you.
Also, make sure you plan time to get fresh air. It is the best pick-me-up. The air might feel chilly at first but within 20 minutes you can return home from a brisk walk revived and ready to tackle the next festive gathering.

5. Supplement where needed

Most of us do not think ‘health, nutrition and exercise’ when we think ‘holiday’. Certainly, there are times when we will veer off the nutritional path to wellness on occasion and that is okay. Just be aware that there are supplements and functional foods for days when we are less than perfect in the nutrition category. For many, they can be an inexpensive nutritional insurance policy.

Create a fabulously festive look
Luckily, it’s never been easier to create a fabulously festive look with a minimum of fuss. To learn how, we checked in with makeup artist at Beauty Mark in Yaletown, who created a sleek but sexy look that works for a variety of skin tones, ages and social events.

Here’s how to get this season’s best makeup look in 9 easy steps:
1. Skin
Start prepping the night before the event by applying a hydrating mask to your face. It will create a nice, natural luminosity, making pores appear smaller, smoothing out skin tone and providing an all-over glow.

2. Nails
A festive manicure will put holiday sparkle at your fingertips without the risk of looking garish. What’s especially fashionable right now are dark and unconventional hues like green, blue or metallic.“The trend is to have one highlight nail.”

3. Hair
When it comes to hair, it’s all about tousled, sexy glamour, think messy updos, lazy curls and easy accessories:
  • Try a ballerina bun, Classically prim ones ruled the runways, but Gwen Stefani’s messy bun is rock-star cool—go with what feels right for you! To do it fast, tease hair on top, then smooth it all back into a ponytail; secure with an elastic. Twist and wind hair around, pinning as you go.
  • Slip on a Headband.
  • Clip It Half Up: Make a side part, then pull the top and front sections of your hair back with a glitzy barrette.
  • Tease That Pony: Give your sweet standby style a little edge: After pulling your hair back (no need to be neat about it), run a fine-tooth comb up and down the length of your hair to rough it up and create that fun, fuzzy effect. It’s that easy.
  • Curl Just the Front: Make playful waves: Use a medium-barrel curling iron to create a couple of spirals in the front sections of your hair only. Comb through with your fingers. Done!
4. Foundation
Unless you plan to spend time under high-definition cameras, your foundation should just even out your complexion, not cover everything in a layer of beige. Think “smooth glow,” not “matte mask.” “I would choose an illuminating foundation,You want more of a dewy complexion. It’s even more important with older skin. The more matte you go, the more it will settle in the fine lines.”

5. Brows
It’s time to create a frame for all this holiday beauty by grooming the eyebrows. If your  brows are already well shaped, use a little brow gel and a fine brush to tidy them up, then a pencil to fill them in.

6. Eyes
“If you’re doing a strong lip, you want to keep the eyes neutral,”. Since this season is all about the bold lip in deep, intense hues, that means avoiding competing colours on the eyelids. Instead, think definition and shimmer. Try a soft gold shadow all over eyelids, then sweep a subtle highlighter under the browbone and in the corner of the lid to open the eye. “This shiny gold colour is very simple and it works on many, many skin tones,” noting that it is soft enough to work on older skin as well as younger. The key is to go for “glow” rather than “sparkle.” Finish the eye makeup by adding further definition with liquid back eyeliner and a touch of black mascara.

7. Cheeks
Brush a soft, natural-looking pink blush on the apples of cheeks, just enough to create a healthy glow. The key with blush is to avoid bright clown spots and stripey ’80s contouring; rouge should be applied so subtly it is barely noticeable at all.

8. Illumination
Indeed, more important than colour is illumination. This is a subtle way to add brightness and “a nice glow” to skin of all colours, conditions and ages, without looking overdone.

9. Lips
Finally, the finishing touch and the holidays’ big impact look: the beautiful, bold lip. Start by brushing a lip scrub overyour lips to remove any dry flakes. “It’s essential because in winter, our lips are drier,” Then apply a deep purple lipstick to the lips. “A lot of people recommend a lip liner, but I say you can go without, The shade for the season is this nice plummy wine colour. It works on so many skin tones as well as a porcelain complexion.”

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