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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Paraffin Oil Skin Care and Other Uses!

It is impossible to sustain a good health in this time of contaminated environment. Particularly the metro life has been vulnerable in all respect. Almost all the news papers in the morning are flooded with the news and information of skin care and medicines, but how many people are aware of the fact that almost all the medicines and oils for curative purposes are the base of paraffin oil? This is a liquid that helps to retain and revive our skin till our last breath. If we had known as to the usefulness of this healthful oil, we could have had some home remedies. Paraffin oil has definitely a pivotal role in realm of medicinal world.

 Everybody knows medicine that makes our life lively. But nobody knows the grandma's home remedy of paraffin oil. It significantly helps to heal many sorts of diseases. The medicines for eyes like eye ointment and moisturizers as well as emollients are made using the purified paraffin oil. The use of white oil in the skin not only makes the skin beautiful but also make you younger looking. The leading brands of Garnier, Ponds and Ayur in India are being made with the use of liquid paraffin.

The paraffin oil is distilled from crude oil. It has at least three processes to come out with a purified form. The pharmaceutical companies are especially extreme careful to collect this liquid for the preparation of medicines. The people of laboratory are more careful as to cleanness of the surroundings and a dustless environment.
Liquid paraffin is a boon for those people who have been experiencing dry skin. It helps to exfoliate the human skin and make it younger looking. It has a great moisturizing property. The composition of this medicine contains paraffin oil, myristate, isopropyl and benzalkonium chloride which have a great capacity of antiseptic properties. These emollients make the skin supple because the antiseptic properties of benzalkonium chloride help to destroy the bacteria of the surface of the skin.

 Moisturizing bathing oil is also made of paraffin oil and extremely useful for the revival of the smooth skin. This sort of bathing oil keeps dermatitis and eczemas at bay. The moisturizing cream and bath oil are used in case of dry skin.

Care to be taken while using the medicines:
The liquid medications should not be taken internally. One should be very careful while taking bath since it makes the foot and floor very slippery. The people those who are allergic to these medicines made of paraffin oil should not use this. The expectant women should use this medicine with the prescription of a gynecologist. The medicines made of paraffin oil that is having side effects in the case of different people in a different ways. So far very rare numbers of complaints of the medicine of liquid paraffin have been reported. But eventually the role of

Other Uses:
 It is used in the food industry, the cosmetic industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the chemical industry. It comes in a variety of grades of purity, with "pharmaceutical grade" indicating the most pure form. Its purity and chemical stability are what make it useful for many applications. Liquid paraffin is colorless, odorless and tasteless. It cannot be dissolved in water or alcohol, but it can be dissolved in organic solvents. It is also known as mineral oil.
  • Cosmetic Uses
Liquid paraffin is used to make cleansing creams, cold creams, hair oils and beauty lotions. It is used in hydrating products and hygienic oils for children. It is also used in the preparation of many common forms of makeup. It is used to extract natural essences that are used to make perfumes.
  • Medical Uses

Liquid paraffin's most well-known medicinal use is as a laxative. It also reduces the pain of hemorrhoids. (It should not be taken by children under 3, and those suffering from nausea, vomiting or abdominal pain.) Liquid paraffin is also used in the manufacture of penicillin and as a means for storing and transporting medical sprays. As with its uses in the cosmetic industry, it is an ingredient of many medical creams and oils.
  • Fuel

Liquid paraffin is used as a fuel. It can be burned in lamps like kerosene can. However, unlike kerosene, it produces neither soot nor odor.

  • Industrial Uses

  1. It is also used as an industrial lubricant. It lubricates the moving parts of sewing machines in the textile industry. It lubricates blades for cutting paper in the paper industry. It lubricates textiles during weaving and canned food cans. It is a component of some air filters, especially those meant for underwater work. It is used in the manufacture and containment of certain highly reactive chemicals like chlorine, sulfur dioxide, metallic hydrides and catalysts. It is an ingredient of some agricultural insecticides. It is also used to make dust-repelling products. It is widely used in plastic manufacturing.
  2. Liquid paraffin is used to coat eggs and fruit to make them shinier. It is used in the food industry to lubricate baking equipment so that food doesn't stick to it. Artists use it as a cleaning agent. It is also used in nylon printing processes.


Anonymous said...

Some Ayurvedic proponents like Ramdevji projecting in recent advertisements Paraffin as an undesirable ingredient by saying ' we do not use paraffin'. Are their fears valid?

Ghada Eissa said...

The cheapest way to make a moisturising cream is to use Paraffin Oil which is derived from petroleum

some companies claim they don’t use Paraffin as they don’t like the feel of it on the skin. It feels “occlusive” oil and it coats the skin.

In some advertisements we hear about natural oils that more closely mimic the skin’s own oil and offer super hydration. They're great but also expensive!

Most pharmacy creams use Paraffin (Mineral) Oil, and add very small amounts of other ingredients for their label. This makes an inexpensive safe cream

Thanks for commenting!

sourabh said...

nice blog

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