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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Consequences of Not Getting Enough Sleep!

'Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.'

First: Are You Getting Enough Rest?
Experts suggest that adults get seven to nine hours of sleep a night. Everyone is different, though, and you may need more after a few days of burning the midnight (or 2 a.m.) oil.
To assess your sleep deficit, ask yourself:
•Am I often tired?
•Am I using caffeine to get through the day?
•Do I sleep well?
•Do I wake up feeling refreshed?
•Do I get drowsy while driving or watching TV?

We only spend a third of our life actually sleeping. Between figuring out our circadian clock, juggling work and home, and battling insomnia-inducing factors, we can't get enough of perfecting our sleep routine.
And we have good reason. Not getting enough sleep can lead to a multitude of not-so-great things. Why is sleep so important?

Here are some consequences of not getting enough sleep.

  • You'll eat more(300 calories more) to be precise. A recent study found that sleep-deprived subjects, when allowed to eat whatever they wanted, ate more than when they had a full-night's sleep, even though they stuck to their normal eating schedule.
  • You'll weigh more. Logically, if you are regularly consuming more calories every day it stands to reason you may weigh more, but the weight gain is not only caused by what you consume. Not enough sleep also causes stress on the body, which triggers it to slow metabolism and store fat
  • You may not live as long. Researchers may have found the secret to long life , a study found that women who slept fewer than five hours a night were less likely to live as long as those who got more.
  • It shrinks your brain and worsen your memory Chronic insomniacs had smaller, less-dense brains, which affected crucial parts of their neurological systems like decision-making.
  • It raises your blood pressure. A study found that adults who missed an hour of sleep each night for five years ended up increasing their risk for hypertension by almost 40 percent.
  • It increases your risk of getting sick. Not enough shut-eye has been proven to leave people susceptible to cold viruses,diabetes, and cardiovascular disease
  • You'll skip your workouts. Lack of sleep means lack of energy, which probably means lack of gym time. In fact, research has shown that sleep deprivation is a key reason why people stay inactive.
  • It makes you cranky Without sleep we revert back to a more primal version of ourselves, meaning we can't appropriately cope with emotions or respond maturely to situations.
  • It Reduces immune system functioning

Sleep is what keeps the human body running. Anyone who gets too little will suffer for it. The hormones that keep us alert are regulated by our amount of sleep. Losing only an hour of our sleep can make us less alert and productive.
Sleep well everyone!Good night and sweet dreams!

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