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Monday, June 27, 2011

How to Live With Your Type 2 Diabetes!

There is no argument about the fact that diabetes is a serious health condition. Currently there is no medically proven cure for diabetes. The disease can't be cured, but thankfully it can be successfully managed with the appropriate changes in lifestyle. If the disease is left untreated it invites many diabetic complications like heart stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, amputation, blindness and erectile dysfunction. If diabetes is diagnosed at an early stage the risk of diabetic complications can be reduced by the efficient management of the disease.

Diabetics can enjoy a healthy life by following these steps:
  • Eat Well
Diabetics should enjoy healthy foods that are low in sugar, saturated fats and salts. It is recommended that they should consume a diet that is high in fiber. Examples of such foods are cereals, whole grain bread, vegetables and fruits. Diabetics should keep a close eye on the portion size of the food. You should try not to eat more than they consume, with the goal being to control weight gain. The vegetarian lifestyle is better overall for your health, as the vegetables are rich in fiber and they put a check on the weight gain.
  • Be Active
You should try to bring maximum physical activity to your life. Aim for at least for 30 minutes of exercise daily.
  • Stop Smoking
It is better to quit smoking. If it is difficult, one should consult a physician that can assist him.
  • Monitor Blood Sugar Level
The blood sugar levels should be regularly monitored. You can prevent the diabetic complications by keeping the blood sugar level in control.
  • Weight Control
Keep a track of the waist size and the weight. If you are overweight it can make a reasonable difference in his blood sugar levels by losing some weight.
  • Annual Tests
Go regularly for the annual tests recommended for diabetics.
  • Foot Examination
Examine the feet well. Use well fitted socks and comfortable shoes. Be aware of any cut or injuries on feet.
  • Eye Examination
Have an eye examination annually by an optician.
  •  Home blood monitoring
To take charge of your condition you will need to monitor how well your new regimen of diet, medications and exercise are working from day to day. Blood testing with a home blood glucose monitor is an essential part of your life.

  • Become a fat burning machine
Diet is the cornerstone of your diabetes control. Without a healthy eating plan, your medications, if they have been prescribed, will not work properly and you will not have the energy to build muscle through exercising regularly or continue to lose weight.
  • Keep moving to help you lose weight
Almost every study shows that following a regular exercise program is helpful for people with type 2 diabetes. It also attacks the visceral fat around your abdominal area and helps reduce your blood lipid levels. Also dieting without exercise, especially in mature people, causes a loss of muscle mass. Your exercise program does not need to be ambitious, but it does require commitment.
  • A new approach
Lifestyle change is a critical step for control of your type 2 diabetes. Lifestyle changes has been proven, over and over, to be one of the best ways to reducing both your weight and blood sugar levels. An improved lifestyle will help you control your genetic roadblock and risks you were born with.
It can also be the most difficult part... even small changes will help, and will lead to larger ones. Trying to do too much at one time will defeat your whole effort.
  • And finally, Keep Positive Attitude
Keep a positive attitude towards life.

Are medications always necessary?

Is it possible for you to keep your type 2 diabetes under control and avoid any more weight gain? Yes... but you will need to stay focused. The state of your type 2 diabetes is really in your hands.
Discuss all your health issues with your health care provider... he may suggest there are benefits for you to take a specific anti-diabetic medication in the initial period, plus you may need treatment for high blood pressure. Type 2 diabetes is a lifelong condition that requires constant vigilance and commitment to manage it properly.
 Changing your lifestyle with the help of the above mentioned steps can help you to keep diabetes in control. It will also enable you to live a happy and healthier life and enjoy all the benefits.

Happy Monday! :)

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