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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Foods That Can Damage Your Health

Any one concerned about the way their body functions is interested in healthy eating. The problem is that people have come to believe that the government will protect us by being sure the food supply is safe. This means they neglect the importance of being an informed consumers. Most of us do not read labels and believe our body will sort out everything. Poisoning can occur over a long period of time from constantly eating the wrong foods. Big mistake!

A:Foods That Harm Your whole body
  • Salt
Salt has been used as a flavor enhancer for centuries but today we can not get away from it. Fast food has loads of it and canned or packaged foods commonly list sodium as an ingredient. To top this we add salt to cooking and then add more at the table.
Sodium is a needed electrolyte available in sufficient quantities through a healthy diet. We don't need more unless we lead an energetic lifestyle. Overuse can result in stomach, duodenal and gastric cancers, high blood pressure, heart disease and death.

  • Processed foods
Processed foods are everywhere... While a certain amount of processing is necessary to remove husks, grind or change textures the original purpose is often sacrificed to convenience in packaging or appeal to the lowest denominator. Processing removes many vitamins and minerals and most fiber. This is replaced, often artificially, as an enhancement to sell more product. Overly processed food users have to resort to additives.
  • Colorants
When you start reading labels, you will notice that food dyes can be found in all sorts of foods. Snack cakes, puddings, granola, juices, fruit snacks (for the majority,they are NOT fruit!!), cereals, Children's food, almost all sweets and snack foods are colored to feed the eye. Most of us control colorants but some have obvious bad reactions to them. They have no nutrient value. Bulking agents like Guar gum
make it seem like we are getting more for our money. Often we do, in the form of severe flatulence.
Vitamin and minerals shouldn't have been removed in the first place.
Impaired brain function, hyperactive behavior, difficulty focusing, lack of impulse control, how's that for starters!
Are these attributes you like to see in your children? If not, then I recommend you consider eliminating artificial food dyes and colorants!
For more reading about Food Dyes
  • Sugar
Processed sugar contains no vitamins, minerals, fiber or nutrition and can be psychologically addictive. It is in everything from flavored mineral water and salad dressing to soup. The average person eats about a handful every day. The danger is not only in the damage done to teeth, insulin, obesity and hyperactivity but it serves as a replacement for honest food.
  • Animal fats
Animal fats are saturated fats. That means they raise cholesterol and threaten to clog blood vessels. This leads to heart problems. Fish such as salmon, tuna, sardines and oils from vegetables don't do this. Even though margarine is vegetable oil it is hydrogenated causing it to be saturated. Obesity, heart disease and several cancers are avoidable by switching to lean meat or protein rich cereals like rice and wheat, pulses like beans and lentils, nuts and potatoes. Do not make the mistake of frying these.

Be Aware Of:
  • Embalming Yourself Before You Die
Sugar free may mean aspartame which does mean formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is used in embalming fluid. I don't know about you, but I'd rather be dead when I have that stuff put in me. The formaldehyde isn't in your body all that long. It turns in to something called formic acid. Better than formaldehyde? Ever had a fire ant bite? Those little buggers injected you with formic acid. Some physical symptoms look like MS, numbness, leg cramps, even fibromyalgia and more.
  • The Sweetener That May Be Responsible for Type 2 Diabetes
The ads want you to believe there is nothing wrong with high fructose corn syrup. The industry is losing so much money because people want to quit using it , high fructose corn syrup will be called "corn sugar." After all, that's what it is, right? It is sweet, that's for sure. It's also chemically made in a laboratory from corn. This sweetener seems to result in people becoming insulin intolerant which means the insulin doesn't work. Blood sugar goes up. Type 2 Diabetes is here.
B:Foods That Harm Your Skin

The cause and effect relationship of poor diet and acne has been discussed for decades now. For generations, grandmoms have been warning against chips, sugar, fried snack etc. because of their perceived relationship with Acne. But is this relationship really “perceived” or is it real?

The medical community has for long maintained that there is no link between Acne and diet. But latest research shows that there could be some truth to the old grandma’s tale, after all!
So what are the foods that harm your skin? Is there really a correlation between what you eat and how you look? Do fried foods harm more than your body size? Find out…

Salt: Any food rich in Salt is bad for your skin. The high Sodium content causes puffiness on the face, especially around the eyes. Water retention is experienced and causes wrinkles in the long run. So it is best to cut down on salt in diet.

Fried Snacks: Fried snacks are high on Trans fats, saturated fats and hydrogenated fats. All these fats clog the pores and cause breakouts frequently. To avoid a breakout, eat fresh non-fried food and keep your face clean.

Refined Carbs: Foodstuffs made of refined carbohydrates lead to quick spike in Blood Sugar. Examples of foods with a High Glycemic Index are: Pasta, Pizza, Sweets and breads. Spikes in Blood Sugar harm the skin in the long run, so such food should be avoided.

Alcohol: While the physical effects of alcohol on body, especially the liver are well known, its effect on the skin is not so obvious. But excessive intake of alcohol dilates the blood vessel in the skin and causes broken capillaries. It also worsens acne rosacea in which one experiences redness, pimples, pushheads and a constant flush on the face.

Sugar: Too much consumption of sugar causes wrinkles and ageing. It damages Collagen and Elastin, the protein fibers that keep skin firm and elastic. So now you have the extra motivation to cut down on sugar, besides the promise of a slimmer waistline!

Caffeine: Caffeine causes dehydration and inflammation, and thus caffeine can cause the infection that is present with acne to become much worse. Though the anti-oxidant properties of tea and coffee have been established, it should not be taken to mean that the more the better. Caffeine should not be consumed in excessive amounts if you wish to maintain good health and skin.

Now if you are thinking that I have listed almost EVERYTHING on this list, you are wrong. Foods that are really good for your skin are the most natural and unprocessed food items. These foods are not only great for your skin, but also for your overall health and figure. Fresh fruit &vegetables and whole grain foods have a Low Glycemic Index and do little to harm your skin or health. So try to grab as many as you can, and drink loads of refreshing clean water!
  • How do we overcome these assaults on our health?
It's difficult to get away from these destroyers. The body is capable of dealing with many problems but there is a limit. Constant barrages of sugar, salt and denatured empty food have an accumulated effect. Eventually something has got to fail. Very often the failure of one organ leads to the weakening of another.
Eating more grains, fresh fruit and vegetables and limiting animal fats will keep the body serving you well into old age. Changing to a healthier lifestyle need not be a huge step. It can be done gradually by simply changing your mind to eat with well-being in mind. Having a banana instead of a candy bar can be the start. Your life does depend on the decision you make.

Have a great day!!

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